In the summer of 2022, Triple Bottom Brewing and the Ukrainian League of Philadelphia partnered to create VOLYA SUMMER LAGER BEER to help support the Ukrainian resistance.

The response was immediate & enthusiastic — the full brew run quickly sold out, with 20% of all sales donated directly to the National Bank of Ukraine.

Along with the delicious beer, the VOLYA artwork struck a cord with folks as well. During the sale there were many inquiries regarding the availability of T-shirts — with people asking things like "Hey, are there VOLYA T-shirts...?" and we'd answer along the lines of "No, but..."  Well! — "No, but..." no longer, because —

VOLYA T-Shirts are here!

As with the beer, attention was lavished on every detail to create a high-quality, super-comfortable, striking T-shirt.

The artwork was totally re-built & remastered specifically for the shirt. It was printed by real human beings in six separate colors by Philadelphia's beloved Awesome Dudes Screen Printing.

The men's shirts are printed on Fruit of the Loom's HD Cotton™ shirts. A deluxe, mid-weight shirt made with 100% cotton preshrunk jersey, they run true-to-size with double-needle stitching and high-density fabric for optimal printing clarity and comfort.

The women's shirts are printed on Gildan Ladies' Heavy Cotton™ shirts. These are fitted, side-seamed and slightly tapered with a ribbed, mid-scoop neck.

The shirts are a rich, vivid sapphire blue and are available in Medium, Large, & X-Large sizes.

You will love this shirt. So will anyone you buy it for ;}  Support Ukraine as generously and as often as you can. Thank you.


  • Each T-shirt cost $10 to make.  ALL proceeds above cost will be donated directly to the National Bank of Ukraine via u24.gov.ua. 
  • Each shirt is listed at 2 prices: at the $30 price, $20 from each shirt will be donated; at the $60 price, $50 from each shirt will be donated. 
  • In addition to your individual receipt of sale, a final tally of all donations, identified by order number only, will be issued once the fundraiser concludes and donations are submitted.
  • Costs (at $10 per shirt) will be recouped to be used for further rounds of printing or returned to the original donors.



  • NOTE: You will only receive an out-of-stock notice in the final check-out stage. If the shirt is out of stock please click RETURN TO CART to adjust quantities and keep shopping. 
  • If a shirt is out of stock and you want to be notified if there is another print run, or have any issues whatsoever please email us at front_desk@uniexna.com. Thank you!