Universal Exports of North America occasionally, yet steadily, releases various publishing, art, and music projects. (It is also a creative consultancy — if you are looking for that, that is here.)

/ Ordering Information /

Everything here is available from Universal Exports of North America directly. There's a real desire to keep things simple and maintain a direct connection with interested folk, so as long as people can find the work, we'll happily remain independent. 

Booksellers & retailers: please contact us directly if you would like to carry anything we offer. 

/ Shipping & Returns /

In order to provide easy, smooth and secure transactions we use Shopify as our ordering and sales system. We do not offer accounts and do not store any of your financial data. We ship directly from our office in Philadelphia and you can expect your order to be shipped within 2 days. 

If you ever have any question about your order at any time, just email us at front_desk@uniexna.com. You'll hear back within 24 hours. If your order was damaged or missing, give us a holler. And everything is totally guaranteed - if you don't dig something, for any reason, send it back and you'll get a full refund, less the shipping cost. Solid.

/ General Inquiries /

To get in touch about anything, give a shout to front_desk@uniexna.com