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Universal Exports of North America also functions as an occasional publishing imprint. Three projects are currently in various stages of development — a survey of Ukrainian book design; the re-issuing of the gobsmacking and hopelessly out-of-print poetry of Algebra Suicide singer Lydia Tomkiw; and Jane of the Waking Universe, a photo-essay of my own. More’s afoot. Stay tuned.

/ shop / 

Universal Exports of North America will also undertake sporadic retail activity. It will be rather motley, online as well as in & around Philadelphia, selling a variety of stuff — works from the imprint, prints & artwork, odds & sods. Don’t know exactly. Like everything else here, it’s about a more intimate scale and a direct connection with interested folk. 

Again, stay tuned if you're so inclined.

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I can be reached via phone or text at 267-226-5438, by email at

If you are interested in staying in touch with Universal Exports of North America, please “like us” on the Facebook.

More information on me & my work can be found @, including an extended bio & further examples of my commercial art, fine art, writing, enthusiasms... 

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Aesthetics: As a creative director, I oversaw the last 6 years of IKEA USA’s commercial campaigns, the rebuilding of eBay’s arts & collectibles experience, Nike’s 2009 US Open and Wimbledon creative, 4 consecutive seasons for Nina/Delman Shoes, and rebrands of Loyola University Maryland, Rochester Institute of Technology & the Woodmere Art Museum.

As a designer, I made brand campaigns, catalogs & packaging for American Eagle Outfitters, advertising campaigns for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, book covers for Harper Collins, and catalogs for Boyds Philadelphia. Browse some of this work here.

Strategy: Key engagements have included institutional strategic planning for Loyola University Maryland, development campaigns for Drexel University,  membership strategies for WHYY Public Radio, communications flow analysis for UnitedHealthcare, and executive vision & mission consultation for Dilworth Paxson.

Management: I’ve earned merit badges in organizational development, planning, project management approaches, team building, finance & budgeting, advanced small talk & de-jargon-ification. I have had senior management roles in my last two firms; run a studio; advised startups like The Philadelphia Citizen; and founded and helped run The Telegraph Company, a music label & distributor, for 7 years.

/ some background / 

Prior to starting Universal Exports of North America, I served for six years as the Executive Creative Director of Brownstein Group, Philadelphia’s oldest independent advertising agency. Along with creative direction, I was a strategic partner to many of our clients, and as a director helped run the overall business.

Before Brownstein, I helped build out another agency, 160over90, working to establish their internationally recognized higher education practice, along with some ace fashion, sports & lifestyle work. I cut my teeth in advertising at what was then Gyro Worldwide (now Quaker City Mercantile) working on sin & sneakers. 

In the 90s, I worked out in Los Angeles, as an art director in the music business. Along with 3 partners I formed The Telegraph Company, a label & distributor that hummed along quite nicely for the better part of a decade until the Napster asteroid hit.

I am also, by trade, a commercial artist. I have remained active as a designer and have been in continuous practice for over 24 years. I also paint, in a pulpy, photo-realist mode, in gouache & watercolor. Some collage work. Occasional photography.

In 2009 I tumbled into steady blogging for about 3 years or so, focusing on art, culture & sundry squirrelly obsessions. That led to a year-long relationship with the newly published, National Magazine Award-winning Uppercase Magazine, for which I was a contributing writer.

More on me & my work can be found @ including an extended bio & further examples of my commercial art, fine art, writing, enthusiasms...

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/ hello /

Welcome to Universal Exports of North America — Dan Shepelavy, proprietor. 

I work in close partnership with clients on matters of aesthetics, strategy & management. 

Strategic thinking must be rooted in strong aesthetics if it's to be compelling and memorable. Striking aesthetics should be underpinned by well-pointed thinking. And both need to braid seamlessly with the internal dynamics of organizations in order to be efficient & effective.

I’ve found that the most surefooted way to navigate uncertain commercial landscapes is by focusing on the relationship between how you look, how you think, & how you work. Time & again, it leads to the best, sharpest, most beautiful work that works best, stays sharp & looks beautiful.

If my approach, enthusiasms, & experience pique your interest, let’s talk. 


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