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Universal Exports of North America also functions as an occasional publishing imprint. Three projects are currently in various stages of development — a survey of Ukrainian book design; the re-issuing of the gobsmacking and hopelessly out-of-print poetry of Algebra Suicide singer Lydia Tomkiw; and Jane of the Waking Universe, a photo-essay of my own. More’s afoot. Stay tuned.

/ shop / 

Universal Exports of North America will also undertake sporadic retail activity. It will be rather motley, online as well as in & around Philadelphia, selling a variety of stuff — works from the imprint, prints & artwork, odds & sods. Don’t know exactly. Like everything else here, it’s about a more intimate scale and a direct connection with interested folk. 

Again, stay tuned if you're so inclined.

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I work with clients of any size on any type of endeavor involving some combination of creative & strategic thinking. 

Because I work in particularly close, in-depth relationships with clients I do not present our work, case studies, or a current client list publicly. Like many good things, they all began with conversations — 

> I can be reached via phone or text at 267-226-5438, by email at

> More detail on the type of work I do and who I've done it with can be found here.

> More information on me can be found @, including an extended bio & examples of my commercial art, fine art, writing, enthusiasms... 

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Aesthetics: As a creative director, I oversaw the last 6 years of IKEA USA’s commercial campaigns, the rebuilding of eBay’s arts & collectibles experience, Nike’s 2009 US Open and Wimbledon creative, 4 consecutive seasons for Nina/Delman Shoes, and rebrands of Loyola University Maryland, Rochester Institute of Technology & the Woodmere Art Museum.

As a designer, I made brand campaigns, catalogs & packaging for American Eagle Outfitters, advertising campaigns for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, book covers for Harper Collins, and catalogs for Boyds Philadelphia. Browse some of this work here.

Strategy: Key engagements have included institutional strategic planning for Loyola University Maryland, development campaigns for Drexel University,  membership strategies for WHYY Public Radio, communications flow analysis for UnitedHealthcare, and executive vision & mission consultation for Dilworth Paxson.

Management: I’ve earned merit badges in organizational development, planning, project management approaches, team building, finance & budgeting, advanced small talk & de-jargon-ification. I have had senior management roles in my last two firms; run a studio; advised startups like The Philadelphia Citizen; and founded and helped run The Telegraph Company, a music label & distributor, for 7 years.

/ some background / 

Prior to starting Universal Exports of North America, I served for six years as the Executive Creative Director of Brownstein Group, Philadelphia’s oldest independent advertising agency. Along with creative direction, I was a strategic partner to many of our clients, and as a director helped run the overall business.

Before Brownstein, I helped build out another agency, 160over90, working to establish their internationally recognized higher education practice, along with some ace fashion, sports & lifestyle work. I cut my teeth in advertising at what was then Gyro Worldwide (now Quaker City Mercantile) working on sin & sneakers. 

In the 90s, I worked out in Los Angeles, as an art director in the music business. Along with 3 partners I formed The Telegraph Company, a label & distributor that hummed along quite nicely for the better part of a decade until the Napster asteroid hit.

I am also, by trade, a commercial artist. I have remained active as a designer and have been in continuous practice for over 24 years. I also paint, in a pulpy, photo-realist mode, in gouache & watercolor. Some collage work. Occasional photography.

In 2009 I tumbled into steady blogging for about 3 years or so, focusing on art, culture & sundry squirrelly obsessions. That led to a year-long relationship with the newly published, National Magazine Award-winning Uppercase Magazine, for which I was a contributing writer.

More on me & my work can be found @ including an extended bio & further examples of my commercial art, fine art, writing, enthusiasms...

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/ hello /

Welcome to Universal Exports of North America — Dan Shepelavy, proprietor. 

I work as a creative director, strategist & management consultant.

My approach is defined & distinguished by focusing on the relationship between how you look, how you think, & how you work. 

Strategic thinking must be communicated in a beautiful way to be compelling and memorable. Creative expression should be underpinned by sharp thinking. And both must braid seamlessly with the internal dynamics of organizations in order to be efficient & effective.

I work with clients of any size on any type of endeavor involving some combination of creative & strategic thinking. If my approach, experience & enthusiasms pique your interest, let’s talk. 


> More detail on the type of work I do and who I've done it with can be found here

> Information on how to get in touch is here.

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